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About Videhya


Hi my name is Videhya.

I have worked in the field of holistic healing for over 20 years and currently work from my home practices in Balingup and Bunbury. I am a qualified counsellor, reiki master and therapist in massage & facial treatments and have experience working at retreats in the surrounding areas.

When I began meditation and healing I found that I experienced changes that would go on to help me throughout my life. As a result, I have created a self-development package to share with others. This includes guided meditations, positive life affirmations, aromatherapy oil blends and written a self-help book entitled 'The alternative approach to healing'.

As I developed intuitively I began to trust my psychic ability and started to incorporate this into counselling and other healing work.

My aim is to find a way that can best serve your highest good. To this end, I can travel to your home or accommodation (local area) on request.

Warm Blessings







In May 2016 I was fortunate enough to be part of One Family Project Group. Based in WA, One Family helps vulnerable families living in rural Cambodia. As one of their Income Generation Projects, I trained 4 women in Swedish massage and, not only did it give them independence, but they can now earn more in 1 hour than they could in a day. I also trained the staff in updating their website.

During the trip the CAD (Children’s Action Development) Adviser fractured her wrist and I was asked to take notes for her on field trips. This gave me the opportunity to visit homes of some beautiful Cambodian families and I also sat in while she was training the staff in conflict resolution and child protection. Again I felt so blessed to have met so many lovely people.