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Hi Videhya, I woke up still thinking about your words......... A burden has been removed. :) Wendy

Dearest Videhya, Thank you for being you!. I love you heaps and are so blessed to have you as a friend! You are an incredible woman and your trust in life inspires me. Thank you for all your love and support over the years. My 5 favourite things about you: 1, Your curiosity in life! 2.. Your deep soul 3. Your trust in the flow of life & Love4. 4. Your sense of humour & your beautiful smile. 5.. Your honest intuition & guidance. Thankyou. Priscilla 15.09.2011

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work for and with Videhya creating her Facebook, design and print, layout designs of her new book and marketing. Over this period of time I have gained great insight into what she does and the products she has created and I must say I am very impressed with the content and quality and her knowledge/intuition and the passion she has. I highly recommend if you're looking for changes within your life you have to contact her or buy one of her books/cds you won’t regret the decision. Karen

Today was my very good day. I’ve done 40 laps in 50m pool and for the first time hardly felt any discomfort in my knee. I have also gave information to my Daughter-In-Law father and he will contact you to purchase some more of your helpful lotion. Thank you very much for your help. Mike

Videhya thanks for the reading. You were spot on as usual. I don't know how you know, but you've given me something to think about Annie 13.06.14

Hi Videhya, You have such a beautiful place, just sitting on the veranda was therapy enough. I have had a lot of massages, but not like that, that was really good. Thank you so much. Sue 11.02.15

Hi Videhya, Thank you for the healing on Sunday and the CD, I’ve been playing it at night and during the day and I have been feeling a lot more positive. I can relate to the affirmations, it's like my whole body knows the truth of them. Megan 13.09.15




Thank you for the CD's they came in perfect timing, it was exactly what i was going through. They are working for me because I’m feeling all the crap releasing.
Kaz 08.06.14

I love coming to Balingup, No matter which accommodation i stay in I appreciate that you come to me. I've had massages all over the world and your massages are the best. I don't know whether it is your healing hands but it seems sometimes you have 8 hands...lol . I love that you are so present with me. Mel 02.08.14

After a single session with Videyha I was so impressed that I bought my sister-in-law’s gift vouchers. They have just had their own experience with her and apart from the physical relief the massage/reiki gave them, we all agreed the overall feeling afterwards was one of incredible inner peace. We had all let go emotionally of something we had unknowingly let drag us down for years with the belief we had already dealt with it. Thank you Videyha

Hi Videhya, Thank you so much for the Reiki, it was very powerful. Before I came to you I was very sad and now I have lots of happiness. Kylie

Hi Videhya, I received a wonderful complement over the weekend about your work from Marian and Julie, they spoke very highly of the relaxed and calm manner in which you approached your work. As they may have mentioned, it is their fourth visit to Bliss. Marian herself is a massage therapist or was so it is praise indeed. Tanya

Hi Videhya, Thank you for coming to us. I always get so much from your loving nature. I love the wisdom you share. You are truly inspirational. Sal 12.07.14

Hi Videhya, Thank you so much for our chat last night. I feel a sense of peace from it. It was good timing. Love Steph

Thank you so much Videhya, you are amazingly gifted and talented. I carried so much guilt now i understand the truth and feel so much 'lighter' . Thank you so much, Lyn 10.04.15



Dear Videhya, Thankyou for my Reiki, I felt so much power in my body and I am very happy now. Julie

Dear Videhya Thank you for a great massage while I was staying at Hidden Grove - it was wonderful! If only I lived in that area, you would have a permanent client. Clare and I ended up seeing quite a few fairy wrens - they are so gorgeous. All the best Many thanks once again Krystyna

Hi Videhya Feeling good after the session yesterday, body certainly more comfortable and slept for longer than usual. Thankyou Maggie

Hi Videhya, Thank you so much for the healings, I feel such a relief afterwards. I listen to the CD you gave me quiet a lot and now laugh again, something i haven't done for a long time. Julie 16.06.14

I started reading your book and it's given me another perspective to look at. Thank you for sharing what you come to see yourself.

Dear Videhya, I'd just like to thank you again for my healing on Thursday. It was lovely to see you. I am very grateful for your guidance, mentorship, wisdom and insight on my journey. I benefit immensely from our connection and time together. Thank you for the beautiful oil and book. I am using them every day. Take care. Chat soon. Much Love, Stephanie

Hi Videhya. Thank you for your workshops and massages all those years. You reduced my tension and gave me the valid words and good advice which I needed to hear. Lots of love. Mi xo

Hi Vidayah It's Shauna, I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing session I had on Monday. It was my best ready yet. Your are just awesome! My dad will be calling you at some point to book a session with. Hope your well Kind regards Shauna xx

Thanks so much for your help and guidance u will never know what an inspiration U have been to me thru a horrendous time. I'll be packing your CDs to take. May u have a very Joyous Xmas. C u in new year. Luv sue xxx