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Healing and Reading

Intuitive healing is a combination of reiki & chakra healing.

A healing can bring balance to your whole system, so you feel relaxed and energised. An intuitive reading can open the door for a greater understanding of Self. 


Q: What can I expect during and after a session?

A: During a session you may feel relaxed and in a deep place of healing or it might take the shape of you engaging with me. When your session is complete, you may feel like you're just waking up from a sleep so it's best not to get up too quickly. Most people experience the healings differently, though the common experience is a sense of calm. As energy releases, there may be a diversity of emotions that will arise. Any concerns you are welcome to email me. For readings combined, i often channel messages and may talk to you about what is releasing for you, this helps you to get clarity so your able to make decisions for your highest good. The sessions are guided by Spirit so you will always get what you need. 

Q: Does Healing have any religious affiliations?

A: Healing is not aligned to any religious organisation. It is your birthright to love.

Q: What can I do if friends and members of my family need help, but they won't ask for it?

A: Good question. That can relate to trust. When people see the changes in you, that’s proof enough.

Q: Are all your sessions confidential?

A: Absolutely.

Q: How many sessions do I need?

A: That depends on you and what you're wanting to achieve. Some people require one session and others more.




Thank you Videhya for the healing I feel already more centred and calm Kind regards
M 13.11.15


I went to Videhya in September 2009 having been diagnosed with poly myalgia. At this point, I felt like I had a lactic acid build up in my arms and legs and could barely walk - I rated my level of pain at 7 (on a scale of 10). I had been advised by a specialist that the prognosis for recovery was 3 - 5 years using conventional drugs, and decided to try natural therapy first. Videhya used a combination of massage and reiki to "untie" the knots in my muscles and referred me to an acupuncturist to deal with the deeper issues which had caused the problem in the first place. After less than six months of treatment, my pain levels have reduced to (barely) 1 out of 10 and I have every confidence that I will make a full recovery within the next couple of months. The most impressive part about Videhya's treatment was her ability to intuitively identify pain "hot spots". One minute her hands were gliding over an area; the next, they were working away at one specific point to relieve the pain. I regularly asked for a "reiki/massage combo" as this worked really well for me. I'm going to continue to have a "combo" once a month to ensure I never get myself into this state again!


Hi Videhya Thanks very much for the experience it was a lovely calming experience.
Sas 25.01.16


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