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Aromatherapy Oils - Sold individually or as a set.
7 Chakra blends for Balance and Healing. $6 each or $35 set
For physical, emotional and Mental ailments: Breathe-Ezy, Digestion, Muscle and joint relief, Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Self-Love, Sinus & hayfever relief, Sleep-Ezy.
$6 each or $40 set
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Mp3's (emailed) are available also as single tracks. $5.99 each

Double CD and MP3 "Self-Development Series" - Each series includes 2 meditations relating to a chakra and area of your life and has over 200 positive affirmations.

Self-Development Series:
1st Chakra - Healing Family, 2nd Chakra - Healing Relationships, 3rd Chakra - Step into your own Power, 4th Chakra - Allowing Love, 5th Chakra - Direct your life, 6th Chakra - Develop your potential, 7th Chakra - Living Authentically.
CD $30.00 each. Mp3 (emailed) $22.00

Meditations only from Self-Development Series
Double CD and MP3 "Relax your Mind, release your Emotions, Heal your body". (7 chakras)
Double CD and MP3 "Change your Life Healing Meditations". (7 chakras)
CD $30.00 each. Mp3 (emailed) $22.00

Relaxation & Healing – 3 tracks of guided meditations.
1. The Beach. 2. A Walk through the Forest. 3. The Crystal Pyramid.
CD $20.00 each. Mp3 (emailed) $15.00

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Book/E-book - In this book you'll find simple relaxation techniques, easy meditations for the busy person, information on Reiki, Theta Belief Work, The psychic centres, tips for healthy living, using the power of words and imagination, understanding the Chakras and Endocrine system and how it affects your health, Herbs and Essential Oils for balance, 23 short meditations and lots more…
Soft Cover Book - $22.00      E-Book PDF (emailed) - $13.00


Wheat Bags -  All products are made here in W.A. These beautiful designs are carefully created to nurture your soul and promote well-being. Wheat bags have herbs & essential oils to help relieve tired and sore muscles, while a Sleep-Ezy Eye Pillow has lavender flower to soothe tired eyes. Eye-pillows $8
Neck & Shoulder $15
Back $12


Packages are available for Aromatherapy oils,CD's, Book and Wheat bags 

For more information or to have a brochure emailed to you email videhyak@gmail.com. NO subscription required.

Payment available by Paypal, credit card or by direct deposit.
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       Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy Chakra OilsAromatherapy Oils for healing


CD's - Self-development series

Self-development series


        Book or e-book

Book, Cd and Oil package

    Wheat Bag Packages

Wheat Bags - eye pillow package

Neck and shoulder Wheat bag package

Wheat Bags - eye pillow package

Muscle & Joint Relief package


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